Corporate Finance

The Firm’s Corporate Finance and Structured Debt team advises clients, including infrastructure finance companies, non-banking finance companies and alternative investment funds, on structured debt and financing transactions across sectors. This includes working with clients on the strategy for financing in holding and operating companies, structuring debt instruments (including convertibles and options) to give the investors/ lenders investment protection as well as equity upsides, risk mitigation basis issues identified in the diligence, ensuring security over and access to identified receivables and revenues, and enforcement rights, including through takeover of control for default situations. In the recent years, the Firm also re-engineered advice to enable clients to understand and address the impact of the insolvency laws, which has changed the dynamics even for secured lenders.

The Firm’s Corporate Finance and Structured Debt Practice, focuses on legal due diligence (including diligence on assets and regulatory compliance), transaction structuring, and documentation. 

The team has established a strong reputation for its ability to provide solutions which are aligned with the commercial objectives of the client, while mitigating legal and regulatory risks. 

In a nutshell, Corporate Finance Team assists and undertakes,
•    Corporate & Security Due Diligence
•    Structure of Financing Transactions, Regulatory Compliances and filings, Financing & Security Documents
•    Listing of debt Instruments